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Shake plate and aqua therapy for horses at Kirkwood Stables

Rehab at Kirkwood Stables

Kirkwood Stables not only trains and preps young horses; we also offer quality rehabilitation and lay up facilities for older horses.

Therapies available include:

  • EquiVibe
  • Aqua therapy
  • Saltwater therapy
  • Aquatred
  • Turn outs
  • Our private facility in the woods offers peace and tranquility to aid the rehab process

Benefits of EquiVibe Therapy

EquiVibe Therapy works well for both young horses and horses in need of rehab. The vibrations are proven to increase bone density and circulation while at the same time reducing muscle soreness and inflammation. For young horses, especially racehorses, the EquiVibe helps with bone density by stimulating the periostium to lay down more bone. The vibration therapy also promotes faster hoof growth which can be very helpful in the management of chronic laminitis, under-run heels, or thin soles. As an added bonus to the rehab and conditioning benefits of the EquiVibe, the horses seem to enjoy the process of standing on the plate. They relax and enjoy the movement and stand quietly during the process. Using the EquiVibe in combination with other training techniques ensures a stronger and healthier horse at the racetrack or show ring.

Aqua Therapy

Aqua therapy or Hydrotherapy includes many different types of treatments for horses using water. It can include hot water therapy, cold water therapy, combination hot/cold treatments, running water/hosing, immersion therapy and saltwater treatments. All of these help with reducing inflammation, injury prevention and speeding up the recovery process for horses in training.

Saltwater Therapy

Cold saltwater spa therapy is used to treat a variety of lower leg inflammation and injury such as tendonitis, desmitis, laminitis, hoof bruises and abscesses, arthritis, splints, buckled shins, and bursitis/synovitis. The combination of very cold water (35F) and salt is used to reduce inflammation and pain. The salt increases the amount of oxygen in the water, which promotes healing, and it also draws inflammation out of the horse’s limbs far more effectively than fresh water. The salt aids in wound cleansing.


Aquatred is an essential training approach to improve a horse's fitness level while allowing him to rehabilitate from an injury while avoiding any weight-bearing concussive forces on his limbs. Aquatred increases the horse’s cardiovascular fitness and provides a form of strength training while rehabbing.