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Investing with Kirkwood

Investment Opportunities at Kirkwood StableS

While owning a Thoroughbred right out is an investment opportunity attainable for very few, investing in yearlings for resale as two-year-olds is a tried and tested method to get involved in racing with minimal risk. Joint ventures and partnerships are structured in a way in which investors own a percentage of a group of horses, thereby reducing risk while increasing involvement in the most competitive two-year-old sales in the country, all with the added excitement of watching one's horses perform on the racetrack and selling in the country's most prestigious auction rings.

Our joint ventures are self-contained and renewable annually, with all proceeds being disbursed in full each cycle. They are structured in a way that requires no maintenance payments from the co-owners once the initial investment is made. We purchase our yearling inventory at all the major yearling auctions and privately from farms and breeders.

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